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What is a Modern Day Shaman?

What is a modern day Shaman? It’s every person on the planet. It’s all sentient Beings. It’s our Plant Kingdom. Our Waters. They fly in the air and crawl in the Earth. Our Mother, Gaia, Sophia, gives us life, connects us to Source and sustains our very essence. Practical Healers, who's who channel and understand the ways of the Plant world. Those who walk in between the Worlds. Underworlds and over-worlds, wise in the way of ancestors and our living world. Living in communion with us and each other, they see us as children. Trying to grow up and be alone and separate they see us struggle to just get up in the morning. The mere act of individualism stunts our Spiritual growth. All other species have an inherent knowledge that cooperation and communion strengthens its lineage. And Humans for all our advance consciousness can’t get along in our own homes.

Everyday people who walk the path of the Shaman realize that the only way we can survive is to understand within our own mind our connection to all that is. As many have said “it’s an inside job”. Holy sages have tried to tell us through stories and texts that each of us is God. Until we see the God within we cannot see it in each other. Our wants, needs and desires have trained us that the world is a terrible place and that we have to take care of us first because no one else will. Only we don’t know how to take care of our own physical, emotional or mental needs. Let alone our Spiritual needs. Religions have the information but failed in the teaching of them. We failed in the sense that we never went deeper in the meanings and words of the people who walked this world eons ago. Instead just skimming the top because the deeper meaning maybe too hard. Shamans, old and new, look in the deeper meanings even when it brings them down on their knees. We may become frightened but say OK I’ll go there again.

Maybe I’ll get a clearer meaning of what I just experienced. Deeper and Deeper, and the more we experience our own essence it’s goes further out. And we smile because we know we’re somehow changing the world that we occupy. It’s a moment, a sigh, a whisper this lifetime. It’s time we grow up and be a tree, or a rock, or a drop in the ocean. Be the Shaman within.

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