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Access Consciousness: The Bars®

What are the Bars? It is 32 points on the head that represent aspects of what it means to live in this world. Money, Creativity, Aging, Peace, Calm, Time & Space. From before we were born we carry with us lifetimes of experiences that we condemn to right/wrong or good/bad.

What if nothing was right/wrong or good/bad? What if they were simply choices and if we wanted to we could change our life by changing our choices. By running your Bars you can start to unstick where you created beliefs, perception, judgement and start to create from a different place. Notice I didn’t say “new” place. In the world of vibrational energy which we reside, you have created lifetime after lifetime of a vibrational flow. And when we start to wake up and question why the hell am I here (again) we start to move our energy.

Questions create space and when you move into that space you create new possibilities. One of the things that drew me to Access Consciousness was to ask a question. And then I was told be careful what you wish for because it may show in a completely different way than you may have wanted. And in my world it showed up in Chaos. And when I worked through that Chaos I am now in a place where I’m getting exactly where I wanted to be.

So now I keep that flow going by asking “What else is Possible?” Not to get an answer but to have that dialog with the Universe of what can I have that I never thought of? The Bars started me on that journey. And I still run my own Bars and I’ve learned to stay in the state of question.

We like to say that by running your Bars you’re hitting the unfuck button on the keyboard of your life.

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